Christ Niels Bek Nelson
Eva Pearl Henniger
November 7, 1906
Weyburn, Canada

Elmer, Harold, Ina
Cassie, Eva Pearl, and Bertha

Edward Lane Henniger
Addie Mariah Songer
Ina Elizabeth
Eva Pearl
Iva Marie
Bertha's Grandparents

John Z. Songer  (6th from left, seated)     
Elizabeth Mahala Modlin 
(4th from left seated)
Xenia, Illinois
Bertha's Great Grandparents
on her mother's side

Soren Neilsen, age 22, born in Oster Bronderslev, Aalborg Amt, left Copenhagen
August 4, 1874 for Chicago
Ane Jorgensen, age 21, born Ore, Odense Amt., left Copenhagen Feburary 2, 1877 for Boston, Mass.
They were said to have met in New York, Married and moved to Illinois.
I have no pictures of Chris's family.
Chris and Eva Pearl, met and married in Canada, they moved quite often as each of their children were born in different towns. 
Chris was killed in a grain elevator accident , in Cullom, Il. when Bertha was 5, the
family then moved to Kankakee, Il. So Eva Pearl could find work .

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