"22" Ezra Deschamps "72"
"18" Odille Gervais "68"
<---April 2, 1893
St John Baptist Church in St. George, Illinois
"50th" Anniversary--->

Godfrey, Alphonse, Ezra, Emile
Alex, Emery, Melanise (Boudreau)
and Leo

Edmund, Edward, Alphonsine, Della,
Solmon, Emerence (Deslauriers),
and Louise
Gervais (Jarvis)

Soloman's father, Barthelemy Gervais, was a farmer in
Lacadie, Quebec, Canada.
Soloman was a carpenter and the family moved from Henryville,Canada to Kankakee County about 1857, to help build the church at St. George. 
The family then moved back to Canada and did not return to Illinois until 1877.

Louis Deschamps family moved from Canada to Vermont, back to Marieville, Quebec for about 10 years.  They then moved to Rochester, New York, leaving there about 1845-55, to come to Kankakee County, Illinois.

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